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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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Facebook’s New App Center Is Here

Facebook's New App center is Here

The social networking giant Facebook officially announced its all new mobile App Center for Android and iOS platform with more than 600 social apps including Pinterest, Stitcher Radio, Nike+ GPS and Draw Something. The App Center is totally a new place for people to discover social applications. Also, it provides developers an excellent platform to develop their applications and creates great opportunities for other apps to become successful. It is a great way for developers to showcase their apps to millions of users. The App Center might look like Google Play and Apple's App Store, but it's not exactly their direct competitor.

In general terms, the Facebook App Center is a centralized place for users looking for social apps and it's quite different from traditional app stores in many respect. One can tell it's not exactly a store in true sense; in fact it's more of a long list of high-quality apps available for android and iOS users. Unlike other app stores, it's not focused on selling apps directly to the users, in fact it allows users to visit other app stores and if they like the app, they can buy them directly through that store. Facebook aims to use the App Center to help people find various popular apps that require a Facebook log in, finally promoting the Facebook platform.

About 600 apps and web pages are featured in the Facebook App Center, but the number is expected to increase with time. The App Center has a dedicated app detail page showing the detailed information about the app, which allows users to decide on their own whether to go for that app or not. Developers can create an app detailed page for their each and every app to list them in the App Center. There one can put additional details, upload images and learn about how to configure the permissions of the app.

Facebook App Center directs the users to visit both the app stores, Google Play and Apple's App Store, ultimately promoting Facebook. The App Center can be accessed through the web, in Android and Apple smartphones and if the user searches for any particular app, it will directly link them to the page of Google Play to let them download and install the app.