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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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Agriculture business is full of spinning new products, technology and trends that promise big changes for crop farmers. The editors reporting for  any Farm Industry news have pulled together an informal list of the people with the products, ideas and trends that may make any operation more efficient and more profitable in the future for agriculture.

Autonomous tractors

Autonomous tractors are the tractors that run themselves with a computer in control are nearly here. Some equipment manufacturers have already experimented this method of driverless tractors but have not taken them beyond the research stage. The major problem occurs when the tractor should sense when a person, animal or object is near and stop or move away from it. But guidance technology has improved a great deal in the last few years.

Biomass harvesters

Alternative fuel makers and users have another use for biomass, and equipment companies are scrambling for ways to handle it. The key question for many agro based manufacturers is how they should modify existing equipment, develop new prototypes or design totally different machines to collect biomass? Biomass machines that look a lot more like the windrowers and choppers of days gone by but with a new name and higher rating price tag. It turns out to be that alternative fuels which keeps farmers moving more in the business.

Drought tolerant crops

Geneticists’ seeds found the way of easy traits firstly, and now they are working for overtime on the tough ones. Drought tolerance will remain as mother lode in agriculture related business, though, for the first seed company to master this tricky set of genes but as for now the major seed companies expect to produce drought tolerant hybrids seeds and varieties in the next decade.

Fleet management

With the average farm getting bigger in size, farm owners are finding a way to satisfy their need of more sophisticated record list to keep the track of vehicles than driving around in their pickup to see why anyone there hasn’t at showed elevator. Large commercial growers will now involve in adopting the technologies used in commercial trucking businesses to monitor and manage fleets from a single computer screen. The fleet management technology, known as ‘telematics’, deals with vehicle tracking devices and a unquie software that show where all vehicles are located at all times.

Joint ventures

Agricultural based companies have teamed up in joint ventures to become more competitive in this agricultural developing world. They choose different partner companies with different strengths to produce a better product. Seed and some chemical companies started this model of business, and now electronics and iron makers are also entering these ventures initially.