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In today’s world times we are in urge to do even more in order to sustain business levels and at the same time try to increase them with new clients or customers.

The best marketing knows about what the customer wants, listening to their feedback, matching your offering and then getting your message out hopefully in tune with your clients and your target markets now a days clients are also interested in technology and your capability, security and innovations. Supporting the marketing message with numerous systems and with web sites and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has become prime marketing database. A lot of research was identified and included in the following specific points :

1. Use of social networking for lead generation and qualification is necessary.
2.CRM systems to maintain relationships and information about prospects and integrated with social networking site contacts.
3.Google alert type systems for tracking clients and filter to CRM Reporting systems on deals lost and delayed for lessons learnt.
4. Demonstrating technology capability and web analytics through web sites that sell your services and allow easy contact.

Internal Business
1. Innovative businesses models or Streamline automate to reduce costs and make product or service for more competitive world.
2. Use of technology to free up people time
3.Support business goals and expansion plans

Customer demands
Satisfied customers can and do defect. They are usually seeking for more than a service and want solutions that are innovative, add value and remove their pain points. They also get more delighted when they can adoppted a service that provides unexpected value to them.

1. Providing the customer with improved process
2.Giving more transparency with direct access to information and improving the customers experience and ensuring relevance.
3. Helping with online support for systems that are product or service based and can shorten the supply chain while understanding the customers’ requirements and pain points and delivering expectable solutions in response.
4. Demonstrating relevant technologies which gives the client confidence and maybe help him to cost containment or have quality assurance with security and data leak prevention to install confidence.