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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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BD-C6900 -Samsung's 3D Blu-Ray Player


Samsung by Full HD 3D and funky glasses which can be somewhat beneficial  for a  peek through the transparent cover and watch the disc spin has unveiled its latest family of Blu-ray players BD-C6900 for 2010 compatible with both the 3D Blu-ray standard and the company's existing 3D displays.


It’s all featuring Internet with TV and Samsung application features from Netflix which are beneficial for marketing and official uses from business point of view and which will soon pop up for preorders on Amazon market, including the 3D playing BD-C6900. The manufacturer recently announced displays of 240HZ 3D LCDs for business purpose. With the beginning of  massive production and  its major use in marketing and cooperative sectors it isn't waiting for the competition before diving in, issuing the first price we have seen for one of the new players at a penny shy of $400.But we have to wait until Blu-ray player certainly hold its position in the top.

Key features of the Samsung BD-C6900

  • Slim design with a transparent cover

  • Pandora, Vudu, Blockbuster, Picasa, and Twitter

  • 15 second disc load , 15 second boot up

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

According to Samsung, the first free application will launch in the spring, with premium applications following in the summer. There’s no word yet to decide as to whether services like Netflix and Vudu will be free or for premium applications. With other players offering the same functionality for free, Samsung expect it will be difficult to charge a premium for standard streaming media applications like Netflix.