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Saturday, Feb 13th

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Digital Cash 2.0

digital-cash-2O2 wallet visa cards have just finished up with a successful test of ‘near field communications’. It's the technology preferred in Visa Pay wave cards or Oyster cards, cards that let you into your block of flats, and all sorts of things. A similar sort of thing to the Barclaycard One Pulse card, but they want to put it into your phone so you don't have to carry around a physical card.

Technology used
Well, O2 wallets have gave 500 people a Nokia 6131 with the technology inside and asked them to use it exclusively for six months.


Media Technologies

Increased-Technology-in-conCustomers are becoming highly sophisticated and demanding when receiving promotional or advertising material from organizations. When designing and developing content for next multi media campaign, it is imperative that there should a delivering of the correct message to any customer in a way that he/she optimizes its effectiveness.

Service options
Working with so many channels in market, Media Technology can assist in designing and implementing the right message through SMS, Direct Mail & Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Email, Interactive CD/DVD campaigns and high visual impact mail.


Mobile Technologies

Some-mobile-technologies-inAccording to concept of Nick Jones, vice president and analyst at the firm, mobile technologies which are predicted to put a good impact on the mobile industry over the course of the next two years will have to be addressed before hand only by short term strategies.

These technologies includes

Using Bluetooth 3.0

The Bluetooth 3.0 specification will be coming this year and devices will start to hit the shelves by 2010.


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