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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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Small-Business Lending Program

Business lending ProgramWashington- President Barack Obama is supposed to roll out a planned small-business lending program of $30billion on Tuesday. It’s the subsequent program in the series of efforts carried by the administration in order to jump-start employing by the nation’s small business.

The program will be detailed by Mr. Obama in Nashua, N.H., Tuesday. Investment of 30 billion dollars is done by government's Troubled Asset Relief Program in community banks to cheer them to lend to small businesses. The program, with the approval of Congress would provide incentives to small and mid-size banks that supplies loans treasured at several times that figure.

The senior administration officials who have assisted in drawing up the proposal stated that the program enables Treasury to provide capital investments in a swath of the nation's 8,000 banks along with assets under $10 billion that do more than half of U.S. small-business lending.


Small Businesses Hit

Small Business HitGovernment agencies introduced The Prompt Payment Code a year ago, despite of which they fail to pay small businesses on time, placing some entrepreneurs at risk. Actually, The Prompt Payment Code was brought into effect in order to guard small businesses from government who pays invoices late. Even as at the beginning of the recession it was promised by central government that they will pay small business owners within ten days they are not able to act as per their promise. FSB found that they make delay in one payment out of three.

In support of the existing scenario John Wright, national chairman of the FSB says, “It is shocking that after the government put the Prompt Payment Code in place, so many businesses are still being paid late.” Additional to this a recent Annual report-‘Voice of Small Business’ also shows delay in one out of three payments from the public sector, reprimanding small business owners as if they have less power to enforce prompt payment.


Business Funding In Georgia

Business Funding In GeorgiaMany small businesses find themselves wondering about how and where they can tackle the issue of getting funds when the nation’s large banks begin to constrict loan standards. But the owners of green business are fred from the worries as there are small organizations all over the nation that are intended to help green small businesses to get funds. One of such program which is designed to fund small green businesses is Georgia Green Loans.

The program, Green Loans is initiated by Appalachian Community Enterprises, Inc (ACE) which is a non-profit organization that was commenced in 1998. From the time of its commencement, the organization has loaned more than 4 million dollars to small businesses which resulted into creating or saving more than 800 jobs in the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta area.


Small Business Owners To D.C.

To GeorgiaThe owners of small business from all over the country plans to congregate on Thursday at Capitol Hill to discuss about the extreme credit card swap fees with the members of Congress. The swap fees infact are creating massive trouble for their businesses.

The core problem is that the fees paid are charged every time a deal is done by swiping a credit or debit card. In protest, supporters of the project of Consumers for Competitive Choice (C4CC)-Credit Card Con stated that they will stand for Main Street America for discussion and explain as how these fees assessment actually hold back the growth of job and unjustly lifts consumer prices.