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Investing in Australian Real Estate Market

Investing in real estate is not just about finding a place to call home; it’s more of an idea of owning a home as a money investment for the sole objective of gaining profit. Real estate investment has become increasingly popular over the decades and is a common investment vehicle now-a-days. And Australia, one of the most multicultural nations in the world with returns over 8 percent in many metropolitan markets, is an excellent investment destination which attracts huge international interest. Over the decades, investing in real estate has proved a considerably secure investment, with Australia managing one of the most consistent property markets in the world.

Australia has a land mass the size of the United States featured by rugged mountains, tropical rainforests, stunning beaches, etc. which make the country an excellent holiday destination. Major cities in Australia like Sydney and Melbourne provide great investment opportunities for overseas investors because of their strong international presence. The principle reason that influences international business to enter in the Australian property market is that the prices of real estate market stayed stable during the period of Global Financial Crisis all over Australia. Excellent mortgage options like interest free loans and property investment advice has encouraged investors from all over the globe to own stakes in the Australian property market.

Not only is Australia an amazing nation in terms of great lifestyle, climate and well-established tourist industry, it offers an array of political and economical advantages to today’s international property investors. Also, if you witness a property auction in the eastern suburb of Melbourne, chances are there that the final bidder will be an international investor. The government of Australia also supports and encourages foreign investment in the country’s property market because of Australia’s stable economic conditions, high rental demand, high capital returns, etc.

The well-established and transparent property market draws significant international interest with investors taking benefits of the country’s economical and political factors, despite of the high interest rates and property prices. Because of the transparent property market, cross-border transactions are responsible for over 50 percent of commercial real estate investment throughout the world with overseas investors making most of the Australian real estate market.