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Underinsurance Trend in Australia

Underinsurance Trend in Australia

Facts revealed by the TNS Research ‘Investigating the issue of underinsurance in Australia’ conducted in 2005 were simply shocking. The study revealed that 96% of Australian families lack enough life insurance cover that will protect their families for 10 years or more. Another research conducted  in 2007 revealed that Australia is one of the most underinsured nations in the world. It ranks 16th for life insurance penetration or density. Underinsurance problem ! only for life insurance, it is also for income protection insurance.


Financial state of UK - Just not OK

The Great Britain officially entered into its "Great Recession" in the spring of 2008 and concluded in the autumn of 2009. The economy jumped out of the recession in a quick time than expected but faltered again in the closing quarter of 2010. So, the question arises, How big is UK's debt problem?


Make use of new interest free offer periods

Make use of new interest free offer periodsMany offers are provided on credit cards by companies as a facility to their customers. During a particular period according to the credit card plan, customers are not required to pay the interest on any purchase made. This period may vary from plan to plan and provider to provider. Also, the customers having such balance transfer cards can transfer the balance to another similar type of account. For instance, if a person is nearing the end of his introductory interest free period, he can transfer the entire credit card balance to another balance transfer credit card. In this way, the person will continue to enjoy 0% interest rate.


Workplace Health Insurance

Workplace Health InsuranceIndividuals risk has been flowing down like water as their private medical cover by not being very loyal to their workplace or health insurance services if they have been made redundant, resign or retire.

Mostly corporate health insurers, including Bupa, Axa and WPA, which are an cooperate examples of insurance services offer a continuation option needed for departing employees who want to keep their PMI, which offers benefits including private hospital rooms and faster access to treatments than on the NHS.While employees cannot expect to keep their sub seized premiums, they can keep their cover for pre existing conditions, which can be a valuable perk, particularly for older workers.

When a group of leavers which has a condition such as heart disease or arthritis, it is important that they take up the continuation option by providing that this condition was covered under the group scheme, explains ‘Kevin Amphlet’t, managing director with Chase Templeton, the independent PMI intermediaries.


Hartsko Financial Services

AgencyIn the olden days of the digital photo frame business, when there services were still a novelty and shoppers were highly flushed up with cash, getting a bank loan to manufacture them was a cinch, But like many other business dealers, ‘Mr. Levy’ saw many  prospects has change drastically in year 2008 as the financial crisis unfolded him. There was a Sharper Image and with several other top customers filed for bankruptcy.

Services named as Hartsko Financial Services which provides short term credit to small and midsize companies that sell everything from olive oil to women’s sandals. In the last year or so, companies have been defending a path to Hartsko, and to other businesses just like it ever if the loans are vastly more expensive than traditional ones from banks.


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