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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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Europe’s Green Energy ‘Supergrid’


There are always controversies persisting, regarding promotion of wind and solar energies as there is a question popping out -what happens when the wind stops blowing or sun stops shining? As an answer to this query, northern Europe plans for a huge electricity grid offered to unite variety of renewable energy sources. They have infact taken a step onward in January after the approval to nine countries that are intending to work together on the project.

The ‘supergrid’ with the help of thousands of miles of high-tech undersea cables will create a bond between farms on blustery British coasts and Belgian tidal power, which is the huge hydroelectric probable of Norway fjords and Germany's gigantic solar collections. The project intends the grid to facilitate one to take up the slack and thereby make certain the continuity of supply of energy when one energy source falls diminutive. Across northern Europe the grids will be connected which will definitely introduce more competitions in the market place and also reduce prices of electricity. The project will also lead to reduction in reliability of Europe on the conventional fossil fuels.

The promoters of renewable energy accept that shifting from fossil shall lead to number of ‘green jobs’ which will endow with increase in European economy as well. The project also has some obstacles like financial barrier, technological barriers and also a barrier in getting planning permissions and grid access. Inspite of this EWEA is optimistic that these should not be long-term problems. So, in order to put words into action they need funding and industrial approach, that’s it!