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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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Ashland Gets Green Money from State Energy Officials

Ashland Gets Green Money from State Energy Officials

The Commissioner of Department of Energy Resources Mark Sylvia presented about $330,000 in grants for the funding of clean energy projects in the towns of Ashland and Auburn. The town of Ashland got more than $150,000 as part of award money from the state energy officials in order to accomplish energy projects in the town. Both Ashland and Auburn are the leaders in bringing green energy revolution into Massachusetts and are committed towards making a healthy green environment, cutting the excessive use of energy and creating job opportunities. Richard K. Sullivan, secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs announced the awards and said the money is for the state's green communities.

The town of Ashland received $164,325 in state grants for the energy projects whereas Auburn received $165,550. Apart from the award money, both the towns also received certificates from the state officials and road signs to officially represent them as 'Green Communities'. The award money is part of a huge package of about $2.75 million to be given to the state's new green communities. Grants were also being given to Arnherst, Gill, Conway, Berlin, Townsend, Leominster, Huntington, Great Barrington, Pelham, Northfield, Richmond, Tisbury, Sunderland and West Tisbury.

The 17 newest communities in Massachusetts have helped to surpass the mark of 100 green communities that demonstrate the towns' and cities' commitments to create a greener environment. Being a part of green community is the first step to make their towns greener, to support clean energy projects and to lead their towns towards a clean energy future. With modern equipments and latest fuel-efficient technologies, towns will be moving towards an emerging green economy.

Once officially being designated as green communities, the towns and cities are allowed for award money to fund local renewable power and energy-efficient projects to fulfill clean energy goals of the state. The awarded grants support an array of projects for the state's clean energy future that include installation of energy-efficient streetlights, solar panels, weatherization at municipal buildings and schools and more. These funds were the key components of the Governor Patrick's Recovery Plan for Massachusetts which combined towns and cities for a clean energy future.