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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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PepsiCo- Eco-friendly Initiative


PepsiCo is yet another corporation trying to become a green brand. Recently in a college meet Tim Carey, PepsiCo. Director of sustainability and technology explained the plans the company is adopting to practice sustainable processes while reducing the costs as well. Carey revealed the corporations’ sustainability slogan which said that,’ Let’s make tomorrow greater than today’. He explained that the initiative was not a money making process but it came out as a social responsibility towards the environment.

The PepsiCo Eco challenge aims at reducing water consumption by 20%, fuel consumption by 25% and electricity usage by 20% by 2015. In order to sustain the environment with continued profits and growth, PepsiCo has launched an initiative called performance with purpose. Performance includes consistent maintenance and sustained profitable growth. Purpose consists of conservation of natural resources and human knowledge of talent and issues. PepsiCo have set some guidelines for each of the above and will follow them.

Energy- for this PepsiCo has recognized a sustainable energy strategy to conserve finite energy resources and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. This will be supported by development of alternative power sources like wind and solar energy etc. PepsiCo is planning to reduce the usage of energy and emissions while producing cans and bottles during packaging. It will reduce the energy consumption of vending machines and coolers and eliminate refrigerants producing greenhouse gases. It is also planning to reduce the transportation distances with fuel efficiency technology. PepsiCo’s new building is tipped to be energy efficient as it uses LEED standards. It also partnered many leading organizations like Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) climate leaders to support reduction in greenhouse gases, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star for improving energy efficiency, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green power partnership to opt for green power, US Climate action Partnership and US Green building Council for further reduction in emissions.

Water- water is a valuable resource for PepsiCo as it is the main ingredient in all the beverages and is used in all the manufacturing processes. It also critical in production of agricultural materials used in beverage manufacturing. As it is a finite natural resource, PepsiCo is undertaking concrete steps in reducing the water consumption by 20% till 2015. PepsiCo has adopted many measures for this like it has invested in high speed filling lines which spill less water, replacement of water rinsers with air rinsers,  water lubrication system (in progress) will save 135 million gallons of water annually, water recovering during reverse osmosis filtration process will save 280 million gallons of water per year. PepsiCo has partnered with CEO water Mandate, H2O Africa and The Energy and resources Institute to help in its pursuits.