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Cisco-Green Leadership Initiative


Cisco has extended its ability to reduce the consequences on the environment as a result of the company’s operations and products. Cisco has planned to combine innovation power with collaboration which will enable to create the most sustainable model to advocate the global climate change. Hence, Cisco believes that the network can help to transform the global environmental challenges management and can become a ‘green platform’ for technology.

Cisco is planning to minimize the ecological impact by establishing responsible operation programs aimed to reduce energy consumption across the company, limit the greenhouse gas emissions implicated in global warming, closely manage the air quality, water consumption, food procurement and waste and lastly, monitor and ensure proper disposal of hazardous materials. To help meet its environmental regulations and improve the environmental practices, Cisco has implemented an Environmental management System.

Cisco’s Connected Workplace concept, which is being implemented in Cisco’s worldwide offices, provides a flexible working environment. This helps in reducing material and equipment costs, saves electricity and hence lowers the greenhouse gas emissions. The system helps in cutting construction costs and land use requirements and also lowers the traffic congestion.

In the attempts to be eco-friendly Cisco recently partnered with San Francisco’s Department of Energy to announce World’s first Urban EcoMap Pilot. This tool provides information on carbon emissions which are caused by transportation, energy waste etc. organized by ZIP codes. In other attempts, Cisco along with Miami announced a groundbreaking energy initiative called ‘Energy Smart Miami’. This would help the people of Miami-Dade County to save more money by giving them choices over consumption and conservation of electrical power.

Cisco has also tie up with NASA for the development of collaborative global monitoring platform called the ‘Planetary Skin’. This will assist in capturing, collecting and analyzing the report data on environmental conditions around the world.

Cisco is a partner of Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) mission which solves the global problems affecting human lives. Hence, Cisco has aligned with many partners to develop technologies that help in reducing carbon emissions. Due to their ecological efforts Cisco has been awarded many times by many institutions.