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BSkyB- Carbon Neutral Company


BSkyB started reducing its carbon emissions by 27% back in 2003 and finally in May 2006 it became the World’s first carbon neutral media company. The company said that it was not about only CO2. Sky has also worked on reduction of company waste and increase the overall recycling. Sky not only reduces its own environment impact but it also gives practical help and advice to its customers about sustainable living and working.

The process started with full support offered to the Sky people working towards green business issues. This work is in turn supported by a dedicated team of environmentalists which in turn is linked by a much complex taskforce of operation managers. Sky’s facilities management team worked very hard to drive and realize green changes located at Dunfermline and Livingston.

The company at Dunfermline recycles 85% of the total waste like paper, plastic, batteries, CDs, cans. This was a really fantastic achievement due to the fact that the company increased the recycling amount from 15% to 85% in just a month’s duration. This was possible as recycling bins were placed around the building. This enabled sorting and depositing various types of wastes. All the bins were removed from the desk sides and all the employees were required to dispose the wastes at the recycling point. This improved the recycling performance and provided some exercise for employees too. There is also a food waste composting setup.

All the papers used for printing and copying are recycled. Ricoh which is Sky’s IT supplier have planned to plant a fruit tree on Sky’s behalf for every 100,000 copies made on its machines. So far, Ricoh has planted around 78 trees in Scotland. There is also a networked MFD which functions as photocopier, scanner, fax, and printer in one. This saves the running costs and delivers cheaper copying with less cartridge use.

The electricity generated in the premises of Sky comes from 100% renewable sources. There are sensor lightings, sensor operated taps and dual flush facility available. The company also encourages video conferencing instead of traveling to meetings. This saves traveling costs as well as environment at large.

The company has built a new studio complex in west London which uses one-third energy as compared to previous. It will use a biomass system which provides power for heating as well as cooling and there is provision for rain water harvest as well.