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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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World Economic Forum Day 5

World Forum Day 5

January 31, 2010 was the closing session of the World Economic Forum 2010 in Davos. The forum lead by leaders from across the world came together to discuss the importance of being responsible for the future. The forum discussed the measures that can be followed by government and industries towards sustainable recovery of global economy. The forum was also joined by global changemakers and young leaders.

Over 70 Global Agenda Council experts realized several key global issues that were discussed in the forum. The forum put forth the challenge to turn ideas and proposals into practice. Redesigning of 20th century institutions is required to meet the standards and demands of the 21st century. There is a need for new metrics that will integrate social goals and values. There is a need to protect the rights of people and the response of the world towards global systemic risks should be grounded in values.

Throughout the forum the sessions were dominated towards the need of Global Redesign initiative which should narrow the scope of wide ranging efforts. This planning should be coupled with feasible actions. The forum reflected the challenges that the world is facing to move on to the next level. The ideas should be transformed into reality which should draw on the multistakeholder resources of the Forum.

At the conclusion of the 40th World Economic Forum 2010 in Davos the participants pledged to rebuild, rethink and redesign the global economy which should be based on sustainable principles.