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Annual Reports

The World Bank

World Bank BuildingThe World Bank Group is an international developmental and financial institution. It is among the world’s largest development organizations which provide technical and financial aid to the developing countries of the world.

The World Bank has some affiliates- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The International Development Association, The International Finance Corporation, The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency. These all work together to achieve the goals of reducing poverty and providing improved lifestyle. This is done through providing assistance for infrastructure, education, health, trade, finance etc.


Goldman Sachs International Bank

GoldMan SachGoldman Sachs Group Inc. announced net revenues of $45.17 billion and net earnings of $13.39 billion. This produced a 22.5% return on average common shareholders’ equity. These statistics were released for the year ended December 31, 2009. These statistics influenced the diluted earnings per common share which increased steeply from $4.47 for last year to $22.13 this year.

Goldman Sachs Group is known for its leadership in worldwide mergers and acquisitions and this year was no different. The group ranked top spot this year in announced and completed transactions.


Federal Reserve Bank

Federal BankFederal Reserve is also known as Federal Reserve System or Fed. It is United States’ central banking system. It conducts nation’s monetary policy, supervises and regulates banking institutions, maintains stability of financial system and is a major operator in the nation’s payments systems.

Federal Reserve is not owned by anyone and hence is subject to the Administrative Procedure Act. So, it is legally obligated to inform the masses, about the rulemaking and adjudication. Hence the flow of funds accounts of US for third quarter 2009 is as follows.


Bank Of America

Bank Of AmericaUnited States’ biggest bank reported a $5.2 billion loss in the fourth quarter. This loss was a result of the company’s decision to return the bailout money it had received from the government. However Bank of America reported a net income of $ 6.3 for full year of 2009. This was a welcome sign as the income rose as compared to net income of $4.0 billion in 2008.

The main concern for the corporation was as usual, the consumer loans that washed away much of the profits coupled with the repayment of $45 billion which the company received through Troubled Asset Relief Program, TARP.