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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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Sleek Ultrabooks - debacle for the tech giant Intel

Sleek Ultrabooks - debacle for the tech giant Intel

Latest research of a firm has stated that, the Ultrabooks powered by Intel are major flop, which were mainly designed to compete with Apple's MacBook Air. Although there were speculations that Intel's down going trend would recover, the shrinking market of the company portrays that Intel will face aggravations in coming days. Intel had lots of expectations from the Ultrabook market, and it estimated that these sleek and lightweight computers will fire-up PC sales, but entire idea turned into a debacle.

Intel is a multinational company having highest value in semiconductor chip making. Its name, fame and product quality is so, that you would find Intel's chips in most of the personal computers. It has been trading at a very good level since many years, providing world-class products to its customers. The company enjoys the biggest market share in entire world, regarding PC microprocessor as well as mobile PC microprocessor market.

Till date, it has launched lots of products and has always leaded in the tech market. It's Solid-State Drive 510 Series, Sandy Bridge for mobile PCs and similar technologies have been famous among customers. They have been enjoying top-notch technologies of Intel since years. But though being such a famous chip manufacturer and a tech giant, the factor did not really work out with the Ultrabooks.

The research firm IHS iSuppli's research showed that, high prices of the Ultrabooks were one of the major reasons why its market collapsed. Another was the inefficient marketing strategy due to which customers got more enticed towards other gadgets. So far, only 10.3 million units of the Ultrabooks have been sold across the world which is less than half of the estimated number, 22 million. The research firm anticipated 61 million of units selling in 2013, but discovering the aggravation, its current estimated amount has come down to 44 million. According to the firm, the market estimations would come true next year, only if the Ultrabook's price ranges from $600-$700 along with enhanced features integrated in it.

Intel said that, it is planning to sell lower price Ultrabooks soon, but also gave a though that, it would not be enough to convince the public to buy them.