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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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No-Firing ever!

No Firing Ever

In the recent economic downturn many jobs were lost and with the unemployment rate just below 10% the situation is getting worse. However, there are companies which were loyal to their employees even in these bad times. Shocking, but true! There are 6 companies that never had a layoff as of mid-January.

SAS- this software solutions company has a turnover of as low as 2% and never had layoffs due to economic downturn. The company has avoided layoffs by instituting hiring freezes in all departments except R&D and sales. The company cut back on travel expenses and others by conducting meetings via video conferencing.

Wegmans Food Market- this is a 94 year old supermarket chain and focuses on giving opportunities to employees to achieve their business goals and advance their careers. The company provides cross training to staff for different jobs making them flexible to the changing needs of the business.

Mercedes-Benz USA- as the auto section was doomed due to recession, Mercedes-Benz USA survived without laying off any of its 1,612 employees. The company cut down its non-essential travel costs and placed controls on overtime. When cost cuts were further unavoidable the CEO and executive team accepted a pay cut.

S.C. Johnson & Son- the cleansing product manufacturer has avoided layoffs for 124 years and even in the worst times the company considered their employees as its valuable assets. The company has always stuck to other strategies instead of layoffs. The company froze hiring options and reduced spending recently.

EOG Resources- this oil and gas producing company have not had any layoffs since its inception in 1999. It maintains a low cost structure and keeps the debt low. Even in the economic downturn the company provided bonuses and awarded merit increases.

Baptist Health South Florida- this hospital never had layoffs since 1990 and in the recent economic downturn. In rare occurrence of job elimination the company provided the employee a position elsewhere in the company.