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Tuesday, Oct 29th

Last update:10:58:42 AM GMT

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Georgia University cuts jobs to meet Nathan Deal’s directive

Georgia University cuts jobs to meet Nathan Deal’s directive

According to the documents released by administrators of the University of Georgia (UGA), the university is planning to cut around 130 jobs from the organization. The sole objective behind this drastic step is to meet the Governor Nathan Deal's directive. The directive states that, there would be cuts in the budget of the state of Georgia by about 3% in the present as well as upcoming year. President of the university Michael Adams said that, this sort of cut is the most severe one, than those undergone in past few years and thus is going to be a tough one to adopt with.Each and every minute issue would be magnified and evaluated to look forward, as in the budget being cut by 3%.

University of Georgia, being a public research university in Athens, Georgia, is largest and oldest in offering higher education. The university stands among the universities which claim the title of 'Oldest Public University in the United States'. The university which offers around 80 degree programs across varied disciplines, employs huge amount of faculty and staff. There are over 26,000 undergraduate and 9,000 graduate students' enrollments from all over the world every year, making the university a huge institution for pursuing quality education. The university comprises a workforce of over 9,800 members which takes its annual budget to around $1 billion and hence it is titled as one of the largest employers of the state of Georgia. As it employs such a massive work force, UGA is regarded as the major contributor in Georgia's cultural as well as economic importance.

Though being such a great economic contributor and employing such gigantic workforce, the administration of the university has planned to cut near about 130 jobs. Despite the number is very small compared to the total number of employed people, the university has taken the harsh decision due to the Governor's directive. President Adams said that the cuts are going to add up around $11 billion to the economy. 70 out of 130 jobs will solely come from the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences of the University of Georgia. As according to the document released by the administration, there would be no exact elimination of all the jobs but retirees would be rehired for some of the vacancies or the jobs would be kept vacant in order to satisfy the Governor's directive. On the other hand, as an impact of the budget cut, there would be cut-downs observed in the future hiring in the university.

As according to Adams, slowdowns in the present hiring for available vacancies in the university will also be undergone hence making the university follow the directive. Probably this would contribute to the budget cut initiative of the governor though more than 130 people presently working in the organization would be left jobless.